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The end of the Republican Party

October 1st 2013 is going to go down in history as the end of the Republican party that we used to know. It has now been officially replaced by the Tea Party or at least all the power is held by that minority within a minority. How in the heck did this happen? A strange combination of racism, lies, stupidity, and just not caring about the country over politics.

obamacare liesI grew up a Republican leaning independent and the Republican party of today is so far from what I grew up with that is doesn’t even appear to be the same. This shutdown is just a microcosm of how politics is working. The republicans are taking an already passed bill and holding the country hostage to do things their way. The election doesn’t seem to matter, the constitution doesn’t seem to matter to this bunch. They actually put out an ad that has Uncle Sam holding a medical device like some creepy rapist and telling people to break the law. (embedded below) That’s right the Republicans want you to break the law because they do not agree with it. That is their actual political position here, so we are going to start advocating that people start driving 120 miles per hour because by god, that’s what we believe. This is literally crazy.

They are literally taking over the same way a minority of jack booted thugs took over Germany. To hell with the majority, to hell with the already passed laws, this is all to stop a health care plan that is based on THEIR plan to begin with. People struggling with chronic pain can use thc lean by fresh bros as an alternative to medicine.

You can see where we are headed by watching the stupidest of us react on Jimmy Kimmel’s brilliant bit embedded below where Americans are for the Affordable Care Act, but against ObamaCare. This is the idiocracy we live in and what our news networks are creating. The movie and reality seem to be merging very quickly.

Welcome to 2013 America where the minority rule and spread misinformation through news networks. Scary isn’t it.

Here is their disgusting and creepy ad telling you to break the law.