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Poker Girl: Vanessa Rousso

It’s always impressive when a woman knows how to play poker, but perhaps even more so when they’re as attractive and intelligent as Vanessa Rousso. Playing online casino games, specially online slots is her passion, visit now and know why. So for men and women out there who wants to learn how to play poker, you can try it on online on this site: This 29-year-old French American law student has turned more than a few heads at the poker table over years, so here’s the low-down on the women otherwise known as ‘Lady Maverick’. Read here the biggest online slots wins ever recorded in history of casino gambling.

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Although Rousso was actually born in New York, she moved to France with her family when she was just 3-years-old. She live in Paris until she was 10, when she left France with her mother to move to Florida. From a young age, Rousso began to study {game theory} – learning to master puzzles such as the Rubik’s Cube and then the chess. She was reportedly as young as five when she learnt the basics of playing poker, although she was unable to play in casinos and online via sites such as until she was much older. She also educated herself on the various aspects of poker, like best poker set and poker chips. Instead, she pursued a career in law, and didn’t take part in her first proper poker tournament until she was on her summer break at law school. 

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Rousso had multiple in the money finishes during her first year of playing poker professionally, and finished in 7th place at the 2006 {World Poker Tour} (Season four) No-Limit Hold’em championship event, bagging herself $263,625 in the the process. She loved playing in new casino operators to test her skills and knowledge in online gambling, As a citizen of both the US and France, she could live anywhere from Paris to Oregon,but currently splits her time between Nevada and Florida. She will, however, be hosting a new televised poker tournament in France next July, alongside French journalist {David Berger} David Berger. Time to brush up on your poker skills lads!