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Why America Rocks!

Our mom’s can feed their baby’s in public and then go kick Al-Qaeda ass. Get over it.


–Air Force moms Terran Echegoyen McCabe And Christina Luna are shown breastfeeding while in uniform on Facebook.

Seriously, how can this be a controversy in 2012. Kids eat, moms nurse, and military women are moms too. If you have a problem with this then you just have a freaking problem. Admittedly, it might be tough to salute while breastfeeding, but they are not walking down the street breastfeeding.

Those who are making this into a controversy need to get a life, this is not a kid standing on a chair and breastfeeding, these are babies and more power to the moms for doing the right thing.

The photographs are part of a breastfeeding awareness campaign launched by the Mom2Mom support group on the Fairchild Air Force Base, in the state of Washington.

To those in our media who are creating a controversy out of this, as soon as you stop showing naked cannibals eating peoples faces off then you can bitch about something as natural and normal as breastfeeding.