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The Ten Hardest Working Bras in Hollywood: Actresses with the most….. ahem talent.


Here is another amazing list of some of Hollywood’s most amazing talent complete with photo proof.


10. Kim Kardashian

Kim is not an actress per se, but she is in Hollywood and that’s good enough just barely to make our list.


9. Katie Perry

We have a well known by now fixation with Katies boobs. Why stop now.


8. Lindsay Lohan

Some of the best boobs in prison Hollywood and she is not afraid to show them.


7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

The other JLo has it all going on and if you get a chance watch The Client List where she plays a mom prostitute and shakes her money makers.

jennifer love hewitt boobs

6. Christina Aguilera

We have perhaps never seen anyone so consistently stuff giant bulbous breasts into smaller encasings than Christina manages to do every week on The Voice. Thank you Christina for making this worth watching.


5. Scarlett Johansson

Her star is shining brightly and she should thank her boobs for this although they seem to shrink and grow at will which is just kind of weird.


4. Mariah Carey

Nick Cannons wife would have been number one on this list a few years back, but domestic life has seemed to put her puppies in hiding lately.


3. Salma Hayek

She gets our humanitarian award for using hers for good as she breast fed a strangers baby in Sierra Leone


2.  Christina Hendricks

Those triple D puppies just cant be held back. The Mad Men star flaunts it regularly thankfully for us.

Christina Hendricks

1. Sofia Vergara

Sofia was once urged to get a breast reduction by some idiot. Somehow she makes her 34-C chest seem like its larger.

Sofia Vergara