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This weeks 10 hottest chicks on the Internet

Welcome to our new feature where we count down the ten hottest chicks on the internet. This is not opinion but fact based as we use a proprietary algorithm to see what the internet thinks is hot this week. Some of these are surprising and some are in the news a lot this week so it makes sense that they would be here.


10. Caterina Murino – Why this model is trending we are not sure, but from the looks of this we have no problem with it.


9. Lady Gaga – Pretty much always in the top ten, but we think her 15 minutes are just about up


8. Kate Upton – We can think of two reasons why she is in the top ten this week


7. Kate Beckinsale – Between Underworld and her talking of sex scenes with Colin Farrell no wonder she is trending


6. Sofia Vergara: Selected this week as AskMen’s most desired woman of the year. A good pick we agree.



5. Selena Gomez – Touring in South America has brought us tons of bikini pictures this week which we are assuming is why she is trending right now. She is 19 but it still feels icky to us.


4. Christina Aguilera – The return of The Voice brings with it Christina is fat stories so she trends this week, but if this is fat we are quite ok with that.


3. MIA – Well, I guess flipping off the fans at least got her trending. They say all press is good press and I guess this proves that.


2. Madonna – The Material Girl can still get us talking at 53 years old after a great halftime show


1. Giselle Bundchen – Even being a bitch gets people talking about you and moves you up the ranks to the number one spot.