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The good news is that you wont catch on fire… the bad news is your Mountain Dew has flame retardant in it


dew_fireIt turns out that that gamer fuel your teenager has been drinking is loaded with BVO. That’s brominated vegetable oil which is a flame retardant for plastics.  It’s banned in places like Europe and Japan, but here in the good old USA we get it not only in our foam furniture cushions and plastics inside electronics, but also in our delicious citrus flavored sodas. Fanta, Sunkist, and the like are all full of flavor enhancing fire retardant that apparently causes lesions, memory loss and nerve disorders. Yummy,


According to Environmental Health News, “after a few extreme soda binges—not too far from what many gamers regularly consume—a few patients have needed medical attention for skin lesions, memory loss and nerve disorders, all symptoms of overexposure to bromine. (ed. or caffeine) Other studies suggest that BVO could be building up in human tissues, just like other brominated compounds such as flame retardants. In mouse studies, big doses caused reproductive and behavioral problems.”


Mountain_Dew_meIt is not known whether the large amounts of caffeine were the culprit or the BVO, What is known is that not only is this happening, but the primary ingredient in these sugary sodas is almost always di-hydrogen monoxide, which not only is a the most widely used fire suppressant in the world, but also kills far more people annually than bromide ever will. In fact there was one incident in 2004 where a large release of the substance covered much of the southern coast of Asia killing hundreds of thousands of people!!! And yet we still allow it as additive to pretty much all of our sugary beverages.



It’s high time that we stopped the overuse of this killer di-hydrogen monoxide before it kills us all.