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Now this is an iPad case! – 1300 foot drop and no damage

This is cool, how about a product demo that is amazing and maybe the first commercial for a product that was ever effective on me. The pricing seems fair at 45-90 bucks as well.  I want one of these, and really have no use at all for it as I will not be taking my iPad anywhere extreme, that just doesn’t make it any less cool that I could.  To demonstrate its RPT energy absorbing technology, G-Form goes skydiving with both the Extreme Edge™ and the Extreme Portfolio™ iPad cases and drops both iPads from above 1300 feet AGL after playing movies in free fall. Neither iPad sustains any damage with the movies still playing after ground impact. G-Form’s RPT technology was originally developed to protect athletes from impacts, but is now incorporated into their line of electronic device protection for tablets, laptop computers and other devices.