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WTF happened to Christina Aguilera

OK I know we all used to love looking at hottie Christina Aguilera. She was sexy no matter what she did. Now she looks like she is living on a diet of vodka, red bull, and butter. Seriously I have seen some girls gain some weight over time, but nothing this extreme or disturbing. She looks like a drugged out Roseanne at this point.

fat xtina 2

This is not manipulated in any way, the scary part is that we would have married this fatty a few months ago. She really looks like she needs to see a doctor, or a fat farm and rehab combination if such a thing exists.

fat xtina

Just so you know this is what Xtina looked like before.. and we don’t mean like ten years ago, but just this January at the Super Bowl. Sexy as hell ten months ago.

golden globe awards 10 170111

And in the 2010 Marie Claire

xtina skinny

Someone get this girl some help.