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Where is our no-fly zone? Don’t ask the media, they left.

We as a country have supported the “Arab Spring” calling for no fly zones and basically bombing counries who had protests that very much resemble the current Occupy Wall Street protests happening around the US. In other countries when they arrest and harass peaceful protesters our government steps in. In our country though they want us to remain sheeple who blindly do as we are told and believe whatever stories they tell us.

“Scores of protesters from the Occupy Boston movement were arrested in the early hours of Tuesday morning, including a group of veterans, in one of the largest mass arrests in recent Boston history.

Members of the Boston Police Department moved in to dismantle and destroy tents after protesters ignored multiple warnings to move from the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a strip of parks and public spaces where they have been camped out for more than a week, the Boston Globe reports. Members of the media were told to leave and not to film.”

That is taken directly from a report on the Washington Post. You are not reading that wrong, the police wanted the media to leave and not film, and they did!  What is the media thinking, staying and filming is their job. They have no greater purpose than to report on what we cannot see. Shame on any media member who acted as sheeple and left.

Meanwhile it appears that the police manhandled peaceful protesters, but we will never really know what happened because the media decided that they acted on behalf of the government, not the people the minute they followed the illegal orders to leave and not film the action.

Until the media decides to report fairly on the Occupy Wall Street movement, the rest of the country cannot know what is happening due to government intervention in the protests. Sound familiar? Suspisiously like our governments take on the Arab Spring protests where we implemented no fly zones and sanctions.

Who is going to police the American government at home if not the media?

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Occupy Wall Street Documentary

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