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Satellite Doomsday coming in just 4 days

The sky is falling… literally. In this weeks doomsday scenario the decommissioned satellite UARS could land anywhere between 57 degrees north latitude and 57 degrees south latitude on Friday, a vast area of populated territory. Basically wherever you are, that’s where it could hit. Predictions will only get more precise as the landing approaches.

NASA says that ”Re-entry is expected on [Friday], plus or minus a day. The re-entry of UARS is advancing because of a sharp increase in solar activity since the beginning of this week,”

This is not just a little satellite, it’s a bus sized satellite that will have pieces that will survive entry as large as a refrigerator (300 lbs)

If you want to follow along and see just exactly when WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE check out NASA’s page for updates at

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Editors Note: We are PROBABLY not all going to die, since the vast majority of the earths surface is uninhabited, but there is still a 1-in-20 trillion chance that you will personally be hit by this falling satellite so you should be prepared.