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Watch out Apple, Windows 8 may just be an iOS Killer?

Microsoft has pretty much let the cat out of the bag on its strategy moving forward and from all appearances has a BIG hit on its hands. Say what you will about the Metro interface being introduced with Windows 8 and the Microsoft tablet strategy, it has become quite clear this week just how Redmond intends to leverage their install base with Windows 8 and their ubiquitous Live services and that is the thing that is going to set them apart from everyone else. Android on the tablet is dead and iOS may not be far behind except as a straight entertainment device. Microsoft has a brilliant plan and no one else can do what they can.

Microsoft’s strategy is for a unified OS across PC;s and tablets both running the same services and apps and they will both have their settings and current work updated across all devices that are connected to a Live account.

Suddenly we are computing on a whole new level where your work on your PC at work can be worked on on the way home on your tablet and picked right back up at home on your desktop. The same goes for whatever movie you may be watching or applications you may be working in. The possibilities are quite endless. ALL native Windows 8 apps will have space at Microsoft’s Live servers to save their state and current work products, so as you log out of your tablet and into your home computer you can just pick right up where you left off.

This is a complete change in the modern computing paradigm and quite a step beyond anything you would think of Microsoft, it almost seems very Steve Jobs like only without the lock ins. 

Now granted this is all based on some very early looks, but if Microsoft can deliver, the tortoise may just catch the hare….. again.