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The World’s Greatest Drag Race

Motor Trend staged the worlds best drag race ever. Here we have 11 of the best supercars facing off, they are:

BMW 1 series M – 335HP 369LB-FT of Torgue
Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca – 445HP 380LB-FT of Torgue
Porsche 911 GT3 RS – 450HP 317LB-FT of Torgue
Chevy Corvette Z06/X07 – 505HP 470LB-FT of Torgue
Ferrari 458 Italia – 557HP 398LB-FT of Torgue
Nissan GTR – 530HP 448LB-FT of Torgue
Audi R8 GT – 560 HP 398LB-FT of Torgue
Mercedes-Benz – 563HP 479LB-FT of Torgue
Lexus LFA – 552HP 354LB-FT of Torgue
Porsche Cayman R – 330HP 273LB-FT of Torgue
Lotus Evora S – 345HP 295LB-FT of Torgue

They took them all to an airstrip and had a drag race. Check it out here

Just the sound of the engines starting is enough to get me off. 5000 HP altogether and the results are pretty meaningless as we don’t know the drivers or anything, but the slowest of the bunch came in under 13 seconds.