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Portal: No Escape

We have been big fans of Dan Trachtenberg’s work for a while now on The Totally Rad Show, now we have even bigger hopes for this up and coming filmmaker. There have been a number of fan-made films inspired by Portal, but Dan Trachtenberg’s Portal: No Escape blows them all away. In fact it is not even close as you will see by watching this, Dan will soon be in a Cineplex near you.

About Dan:

Dan Trachtenberg is a filmmaker and video podcast host from the Philadelphia suburbs, but currently resides in the Los Angeles, CA metro area. He is currently one of the three hosts of The Totally Rad Show, and former co-host of Geekdrome. In addition to working on internet shows, Trachtenberg is the writer/director of the 2003 short film "Kickin’" and the director of various television commercials.