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Review: Acer Iconia Tab is the Best Android Tablet

Turns out, by sticking to a 7-inch screen Acer has made a device that can actually take advantage of those 200,000 apps developers have written for Android phones. It isn’t perfect, but it is the best Android tablet we have seen so far…

Amazon could sell tablet for as low as $249

Tech industry analyst Tim Bajarin says that Amazon could actually sell a tablet at a loss but make a profit through all the movies, songs, books, and other content.

Bajarin derived an estimated cost for the device of $300 based on information from various sources. Assuming Amazon then discounts the retail price, consumers could pay as little as $249, projects the analyst.

Assuming Amazon does go down this road, Bajarin sees a potential shakeup affecting other tablet makers that would have difficulty competing on price….

Google buys Motorola Mobility – jeopardizes relationships with manufacturing partners

In a defensive move against its smartphone rival Apple, Google has agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash – its biggest deal to date This gives Google access to Motorola’s k+ in patents, however you have to wonder how Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC and LG Electronics feel about this move. Although they are saying the right thing now, this could put a serious wrench into Google’s other android partners and could present some significant anti-trust problems for Google…