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Why are rioters such idiots

We can understand feeling downtrodden, the riots in England started because of a combination of things, austerity measures, unemployment, being poor and the like.

Mostly though the rioters riot because they are idiots. We see it over and over again, people riot over things like jobs and poor housing options and then destroy the jobs in their own neighborhoods and their own housing. Stupid.

In history this is always repeated, whether its Watts in LA, or London, they continue to burn their own jobs to the ground.  One NBC affiliate put it best when they said  “So when it comes to rioting basics, I get it, you’re mad, feel disenfranchised and unwilling to take an ounce more of disrespect. But you do realize you still have to live there tomorrow, right?

If you want us to respect you and your community, you may try starting out by respecting it yourself. Or at the least if you are going to riot and loot, be smart enough to go where the money is you idiots.