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Tech News Today

Amazon launches Kindle Cloud Reader. Eliminates need for Kindle on iPad
Amazon has kicked off the battle against Apple’s in app purchase restrictions with the amazingly good HTML5 Kindle cloud reader which is basically the kindle program for your tablet with offline mode availability as well.

Apple going after basically everyone on tablet design
First it was Samsung, now its Motorola and its Xoom tablet as Apple continues to go hard after competing tablets, especially in Europe where protections are stronger.

Why do people continuously fall for Trojans?
Out in the physical world, crime happens every day. People get robbed and have their pockets picked, and no one blames the victim

Anonymous says its going after Facebook on Guy Fawkes day
The notorious hacking group declares that Facebook is its next target. It chooses the symbolic (for Brits and those who love "V for Vendetta") date of November 5

The iPhone 4 loss case results in charges being filed
San Mateo County District Attorney’s office tells CNET it’s filed misdemeanor theft charges against two men who allegedly sold a prototype iPhone last year.