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Tech News Today

Are Google’s best days behind it?
As Google grows ever larger and more cumbersome, it may be losing its appeal to the highly educated, impassioned workers that power its internal knowledge economy. And that could be the beginning of the end for the search giant

The end (of the desktop OS and mobile OS) is near
Give it a few years, and both Apple and Microsoft will have changed the computing landscape: the desktop OS will be dead, the mobile OS will be dead, and there will be just the OS.

Starbucks students, laptop loungers: Your days are numbered
‘Laptop loungers’: those who stay in Starbucks all day with their laptops plugged in, may not be able to if the coffee company has its way

Market meltdown likely to hit tech spending
Are chief financial officers, the folks who control IT budgets, really going to be enthusiastic about spending on tech projects amid market volatility?

Comcast rolls out $10 web access for low income households
Comcast is rolling out broadband to low-income families, with kids who receive free school meals, as a result of regulator requirements.

FBI launches Child ID app to help identify and find missing kids
With its new Child ID app, the FBI aims to help people find their missing kids. Let’s just hope it never has to be used.

Five reasons why you should forget the BlackBerry
The BlackBerry manufacturer is going downhill, and investing in one for the back to school season would be unwise. Here are five reasons why.

Apple’s rumored ‘Replay’ service a ways off
Apple has yet to sign cloud-licensing deals with at least four of the six largest film studios, movie industry sources say. A launch of the re-download service could be months away.

Google+ arrives on the iPad, iPod Touch
After a bumpy rollout to just iPhone users last month, Google updates its native Google+ app to work on Apple’s iPad tablet and iPod Touch devices.

Apple launches sub-$1,000 iMac
Apple’s offering costs $999, and comes with a 3.1GHz dual-core processor and 250GB hard drive

Verizon workers go on strike
The landline phone company and its workers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states are too far apart in their contract negotiations, and union leaders call their first strike in 11 years.