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Rihanna lets it all hang out for Carnival

Once again more proof that other countries have better holidays than us as Rihanna let it all hang out for Kadooment day. I have no idea what kadooment day is, but I want to go.

Snap_2011.08.03 20.01.15_011

Snap_2011.08.03 19.59.10_004Snap_2011.08.03 19.59.28_005Snap_2011.08.03 19.59.43_006Snap_2011.08.03 19.59.59_007Snap_2011.08.03 20.00.29_008Snap_2011.08.03 20.00.43_009Snap_2011.08.03 20.00.57_010

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