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Facebook launches security bug bounty program
Facebook has launched a security bug bounty program that rewards security researchers for privately and responsibly informing the company of website vulnerabilities.

Is Apple richer than the entire United States?
Apple currently has a larger spending reserve than the United States Treasury. The United States reported its holdings at $73.7 billion. Apple currently rests at roughly $76.4 billion.

Where did all the Mac malware go?
Mac Defender made life miserable for Apple and its support technicians for the entire month of May, before fading away in mid-June.

10 Great Google Labs Projects That Might Get Axed
Google Labs has been a hotbed for innovation since it opened, but now it’s closing its doors. As Google CEO Larry Page put it, Google needs to put "more wood behind fewer arrows." So what gets chopped in the process? Check out what you are going to miss.

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 tablet: First impressions
Lenovo’s first Android tablet, the IdeaPad K1, is a 10-inch tablet running Android 3.1 along with some customizations designed to help it stand out from the growing Honeycomb crowd.

Intel has big plans for Ultrabooks
Intel is banking on the Ultrabook to breathe new life into the PC, but what exactly makes a laptop an Ultrabook hasn’t been clear. Now Intel is providing more details on how the Ultrabook will evolve.

Amazing energy efficiency gains for TVs
Don’t feel bad using your flat-screen TV. A study shows that new TVs use 60 percent less energy than they did in 2006. This is mostly thanks to advances in backlighting technology