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Tech News Today

Google to speed up, host customers’ Web sites
With its new Page Speed Service, Google will rewrite your Web page and host it on its own servers. Unlike previous efforts to speed the Web, this one isn’t free.

Terrorist used email and YouTube prior to bombing
Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik emailed a manifesto less than 2 hours before his attack. Under the alias Andrew Berwick, the email was sent to over 1,000 email addresses. Scotland Yard has received a list of the recipients. It is investigating the addresses for links to far-right political groups.

How to install Snow Leopard on a brand-new Lion-based Mac
Installing Snow Leopard on a Lion machine is harder than you would think. This guide shows you the necessary tricks to make it work.

Amazon’s Kindle tablet doesn’t need to be an ‘iPad killer’ to be a winner
‘Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Will Only Support Two Fingers To The iPad’s Ten’ hyperventilates Ed Sutherland over on Cult of Mac, missing the point entirely.

Nintendo slashes 3DS price to $169.99
Company will cut the price of its 3DS portable in the U.S., starting August 12. Nintendo is lowering the price of its handheld game device in other markets too.

Wave goodbye to free Internet TV
The Internet held so much promise as a new, less expensive distribution platform for the most sought-after films and TV shows. Those dreams are dying.