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Why cant we have weather girls like this in America

A lot of people think of America as a backwards place, want some proof, here are the rest of the world’s weather girls while we have to look at Al Roker, Sam Champion, and Mark McEwen. It’s just not fair damnit.

Snap_2011.07.28 00.51.41_008Snap_2011.07.28 00.53.55_009Snap_2011.07.28 00.55.25_010Snap_2011.07.28 00.56.03_011Snap_2011.07.28 00.56.45_012Snap_2011.07.28 00.57.44_013Snap_2011.07.28 00.59.13_014Snap_2011.07.28 01.00.59_015

Finally, here is the one American hottie we could find, but she is on a damn spanish language station anyway,

Snap_2011.07.28 01.03.37_016