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Tech News Today

Apple vs. Android: The way it may go down
The international court ruling that HTC has infringed on Apple’s patents has brought Apple and Android to an important crossroad that will likely impact the mobile segment for a long time.

Amazon, others cave to Apple on in-app purchases today, HTML5 tomorrow
In-app purchase buttons have been disappearing from Apple iOS in recent days as some high-profile players—Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Wall Street Journal—end direct sales from their respective apps.

Microsoft releases to manufacturing its Mango Windows Phone operating system
On July 26, Microsoft made it official: The "Mango" operating system update for Windows Phones has RTM’d (released to manufacturing).

BlackBerry manufacturer cuts 2,000 jobs
BlackBerry manufacturer RIM is having trouble. It is cutting 2,000 jobs. It also plans to restructure its management. This move is in response to competition from Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone.

Google revises Google+ real name management policy
Google, in response to the backlash from users over its Google+ name policies, is revising how it handles violations of its naming policies.

Netflix now tone-deaf on public perception
Why not spell out the reasons for the price increase instead of cheering a potential $1 billion payday? Public-relations experts say there’s a better way to deliver bad news to subscribers.

Netflix betting on subscriber fallout in Q3, everyone over it in Q4
Netflix posted solid Q2 earnings on Monday, but naturally, all of the attention was focused on the recent price hikes. Nevertheless, Netflix execs feel confident that all the complaining is just hype