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Tech News Today

Google becomes big brother, scans users’ computers
Google’s search servers were bombarded with suspicious traffic. It began warning infected users with a notice on its home page on Tuesday. Some are questioning whether having this practice without user permission goes too far.


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Mission complete: Atlantis returns, ends shuttle era
The shuttle Atlantis landed in Florida this morning, closing out NASA’s 135th and final shuttle voyage. It marks the end of an era for American manned space flight.

Former Reddit worker charged with document theft
Aaron Swartz was caught breaking into restricted areas on MIT’s campus. Swartz downloaded over 4 million documents from the scientific archive. He’s been indicted on four counts, including obtaining information from a protected computer. He could face up to 35 years in prison

Google shuts down Google Labs
As Google focuses its resources more on core products that can make it money, the company is shutting down its test bed for more experimental projects.

Spotify: Is it worth all of the fuss?
Spotify, that digital music streaming service that has been all the rage in Europe, finally opened to U.S. customers this month. But is it everything we could have possibly wanted?