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16 Arrested as F.B.I. strikes back at Anonymous
In the most visible law enforcement response to a recent spate of online attacks, the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday announced the arrests of 16 people across the country in connection with strikes carried out by a loose, secretive federation of hackers called Anonymous.

Anonymous to develop new social network
Hacker group Anonymous has announced plans for its own social-networking site. This comes following the suspension of numerous Google+ accounts belonging to Anonymous members. Citing bans from Facebook and Twitter, Anonymous says AnonPlus will be different.

LulzSec returns, this time aimed at Rupert Murdoch
LulzSec, a hacking group that allegedly disbanded, has returned to hack into Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper site.

What was Hollywood’s role in Netflix price hike?
As Netflix customers cast about for answers to why the movie-rental company unexpectedly raised prices by 60 percent, some observers are speculating that Hollywood is in some way forcing its hand.

Is Netflix killing DVDs like Apple killed floppies?
(q&a) Big Champagne CEO argues that Netflix’s price increase is reminiscent of when Apple CEO Steve Jobs removed the 3.5-inch floppy drive from the iMac.

Will Vizio’s VTAB escalate the Android Tablet price wars?
At $349, Vizio’s VTAB could take Android Tablet prices to new, stomach-churning levels for the top tablet OEMs

Rhode Island holds teens accountable for explicit texting
The Governor of Rhode Island signed a bill last week regarding sexting. Minors sending sexually explicit photographs or videos via cell phones can be arrested. Adults may also be charged for possessing child pornography if they receive the material.

Apple deals massive patent blow to HTC, Android in serious trouble?
Late yesterday an ITC judge ruled that smartphone maker HTC has infringed two Apple patents, and it seems likely that every single Android device out there infringes the same patents.