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Babes: 40 ain’t what it used to be

Remember when 40 was old? Check out this weeks examples of 40 year old ladies Well technically Shauna Sand is only 39, but the point is if you extrapolate the growth in 40 year old hotties over the next 40 years as compared to the last 40 by 2050 the 60 year olds are going to be hot since apparently 40 is the new 20. Heck most of these ladies look better than most of the 20 year olds around.

Shauna Sands

Snap_2011.07.15 23.48.11_002Snap_2011.07.15 23.48.29_003Snap_2011.07.15 23.48.45_004

Helena Christensen

Snap_2011.07.15 23.51.22_005Snap_2011.07.15 23.51.34_006

Courtney Cox


Catherine Bell

Snap_2011.07.15 23.57.36_007