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Netflix says FU to its long time customer base.
Netflix has announced new pricing plans today moving forward. The company is increasing the price of its previous $9.99 a month plan with which subscribers were able to get unlimited streaming and one DVD at a time. Now that same plan is going to cost you 15.98 as they will charge 7.99 for the streaming service and 7.99 for the DVD service. It looks like they are going to cede the hard disc rental business to Redbox and the like and try to become streaming only as much as possible.

Netflix price hike creates social media firestorm
It seems that people are unhappy with Netflix and its decision to change the pricing plans and effectively raise the price of the DVD rental plan by 60%.

Angry Netflix subscribers–so, who has a better deal?
We predicted that a lackluster streaming library would get Netflix into trouble, but now that managers have made it more expensive to rent DVDs, the problem is exacerbated


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Android Market app gets overhaul, bookstore
Smartphone app gets a new user interface. Also, Android users can now purchase books, which will be linked to their Google accounts, and rent movies.

Can Google+ be a Facebook Killer?
Google+ is growing fast and it’s winning fan from technology’s cutting edge users, but can it knock off Facebook?

‘We view a tablet as a PC’: Microsoft chooses to repeat history
It is beginning to look like Microsoft is about to repeat the Tablet PC history with Windows 8, and that is not a good thing.

The Best Free Web Apps of 2011
Not only are they free, you can run these apps on any computer over the Web—no installation needed. Maybe it’s time to do your work in the cloud. Check out all 99!