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15 arrested in Anonymous probe
Italian police have arrested 15 people believed to be involved with Anonymous. Anonymous is a hacker group responsible for a recent series of online attacks. Anonymous says the arrests won’t stop its attacks.

Facebook blocks Open-Xchange contact exporter tool
Facebook has blocked another tool that lets you export your Facebook friends so you can import them elsewhere, like to Google+.

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Why Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is so bullish on Bing
Microsoft’s Bing search engine is one of the Microsoft products that Redmond’s shareholders — not to mention many Wall Streeters who watch Microsoft — love to hate.

DOJ: We can force you to decrypt that laptop
The U.S. Justice Department is seeking court order that would require defendant in Colorado mortgage scam case to disclose her passphrase or decrypt the files.

Webcam software leads to raid
The Secret Service has raided an artist’s home. Kyle McDonald installed software on Webcams in an Apple store in New York. The software took photos every minute. If it detected faces, it uploaded the photos to a blog

A walk with Mark Zuckerberg
It’s no easy task to land a job at Facebook. Candidates are subjected to a long process of applications and interviews. But for some, the process is much easier. In fact, it just takes a walk through the woods with founder Mark Zuckerberg