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Tech News Today

Facebook unveils video chatting, thanks to Skype
The world’s largest social network will allow users to communicate with others via video, thanks to Skype.

Google, Microsoft sued over mapping sites
A Louisiana company is suing Google, Microsoft and MapQuest for copyright infringement. At issue are the sites’ street-level images. Transcenic says it owns patents on capturing and navigating within panoramic images.


Once You Know, You Newegg

Verizon kisses goodbye to unlimited data plans
Verizon Wireless has confirmed that unlimited data plans for new smartphone customers will be withdrawn on July 7 and replaced with a tiered plan.

Spotify makes it official, announces U.S. launch
The European streaming music service, that has made numerous past promises to enter the U.S. digital music market, is finally on its way.

It’s the end of the road for Office XP
Microsoft will end support for Office XP. Security updates will no longer be available after next Tuesday. It is also ending support for Vista SP1; users who upgrade to SP2 will continue to receive updates

Report: Microsoft wants $15 per Android handset
South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper says Samsung is willing to pay $10 per Android handset if Microsoft agrees to a closer alliance on Windows.

Google to rename key brands
According to online reports, Google will kill the Blogger and Picasa brands. They will be renamed Google Blogs and Google Photos, respectively. The move comes as Google is tying more of its services to Google+