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Skype Video Calls Coming to Facebook?
Video calls via Facebook appear to be coming to the Facebook platform, possibly providing Facebook’s answer to the Hangouts function in Google’s new social network, Google+. Facebook will implement Skype calling, including video chat, within the Facebook interface, TechCrunch reported.

Zuckerberg most popular user of Google+
Who is the most followed person on Google’s new social-networking service? Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. With more than 21,000 followers, he beat out Google’s own Larry Page.

Google+ vs. Facebook: Which one will be the definitive contacts hub?

Facebook definitively won over MySpace as the dominant social network, and it really could only take a powerhouse like Google to present a challenge at this point in time

Facebook blocks contact-exporting tool
The social network has hobbled a Chrome extension that could move friends’ contact information to Google+, but the programmer is working on a way around the restriction.

Rumors of Google Buying Hulu Cause Internet-wide Cheer
Usually when a big company wants to buy a smaller one people cry about it, but not this time. Google could be Hulu best chance to survive, given its complex and slightly self-defeating relationship with its owners. The site is almost too successful for its own good

iPhone 5 order: 15 million for Sept. launch, report says

Apple has put in an order for 15 million iPhone 5 units from Taiwanese supplier Pegatron, with an eye toward shipping the phones starting in September, according to DigiTimes


Google disables Realtime search

Search giant reveals that a deal to index real-time Twitter data has expired, but says it’s only missing temporarily.