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The battle between Samsung and Apple is turning apocalyptic with Apple threatening to stop manufacturing and Samsung now suing to stop Apple’s US imports if someone doesn’t blink soon it is the consumers who are going to start feeling this one.

Samsung Seeks US Import Ban Against Apple Products

Samsung is asking the United States to prohibit Apple from importing key products including the latest iPhone and iPad devices amid an escalating patent dispute.

MySpace Bought for $35 Million, Justin Timberlake Participating
MySpace has been sold to Specific Media, an advertising network, for $35 million a paltry sum by any measure. News Corp. which has owned MySpace for the past six years or so has finally gotten rid of the property which was becoming an increasingly ugly spot on its quarterly financial reports.


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Google+ steers clear of privacy missteps
A preliminary look at Google’s new social-networking platform shows the company has avoided Buzz-like missteps and arguably offers greater privacy protections than Facebook

Microsoft unleashes second IE10 preview
Microsoft on Tuesday released a second preview of its Internet Explorer 10 browser, which will give developers a chance to test out new features and technologies related to IE10. The new browser is expected to officially launch next year when Windows 8 is released.

Apple posts Final Cut FAQ, says features to return
The company lays out details about its newest pro video-editing software and says that a handful of missing features will eventually make a comeback.

Complexity of Office 365 is a good thing… for Google Apps
Breathe easy, Google. Microsoft Office 365 is proof that cluelessness still trumps innovation in Redmond.

Hackers target MasterCard
MasterCard’s site went offline yesterday. Hackers bombarded the site in a distributed denial-of-service attack. The attack comes in retaliation to MasterCard’s refusal to process payments to WikiLeaks