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Does Windows phone matter? Microsoft keeps on getting Android vendors to sign patent-protection deals so if Microsoft is going to get a cut of every Android device(they arguably make more now from Android patents than from Windows phone licensing) then they are going to win this war where it matters, on the bottom line.

Microsoft convinces another Android vendor to sign a patent-protection deal
Microsoft has added another Android backer to the list of those signing with Redmond for patent protection: General Dynamics.


Recertified HP Notebook Intel Celeron 900 15.6" 3GB Memory 250GB HDD Intel GMA 4500M – $259.99 at, expires 6/29

As LulzSec disbands, threats remain
Hacktivist group LulzSec officially disbands, but the threats are far from over. Should organizations begin addressing the problem, or continue chasing the solution?

Hulu: as TV landscape shifts, it’s pass the potato
Hulu owners Walt Disney Co., News Corp. and Comcast are mulling whether to sell the video streaming site. Will it do more damage in someone else’s hands?

FTC investigating Google
The FTC is reviewing Google’s search and advertising business. Google says it will cooperate. Google also says it isn’t sure why the agency is investigating. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that the FTC is launching an antitrust probe

Supreme Court strikes down California video game law
The Supreme Court overturned a California law that sought to restrict the sale of violent video games to minors on First Amendment grounds, calling it "seriously overinclusive."

Google curbs Web map exposing phone locations
Google limits access to geolocation database linking Wi-Fi devices with physical locations after a CNET article highlights potential privacy concerns.