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Tech News Today

Nintendo site hacked
Hackers have attacked Nintendo’s servers in the United States. Nintendo says that no customer information was compromised in the attack. Hacker group LulzSec is claiming responsibility. It recently broke into Sony websites

Site facilitates illegal drug sales
Two senators will ask authorities to crack down on an online drug market. Silk Road facilitates the sale of illegal narcotics. The well-protected site uses an untraceable digital currency. The senators want the site shut down immediately.

Apple’s iCloud and what it means for wireless data service
Will the Apple iCloud service cost you more money on your wireless data plan?

Sony unveils PlayStation Vita
At E3 2011, Sony’s Kazuo Hirai debuts the company’s next-generation handheld, the PlayStation Vita. Due in stores in time for the holidays, the Vita will come in WiFi and WiFi/3G models for $249.99 and $299.99, respectively.

Dragons in the Cloud: Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft
Four mighty "Dragons" will claim their territory in the Cloud. Will they interoperate, or will users of these services be imprisoned, and subjected to the terrors of their reign?