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Tech News Today

Criminals stay a step ahead of Apple
Apple has released a security update to thwart the MacDefender Trojan. Unfortunately, the criminals were quick to respond. They released a new variant that can slip past the update. MacDefender is fake antivirus software

Can Microsoft’s Windows 8 really do it all?
Microsoft’s biggest risk with Windows 8 revolves around the familiar themes that always haunt the company: Reverse compatibility and the need to make Windows the Swiss Army knife of computing.

Windows 8, iOS 6 set for tablet face off in 2012
Microsoft says the next version of Windows will not be out this fall, making 2012 a better candidate. Will Apple be on iOS 6 by then?

Windows 8’s user interface a touching experience
Don’t let demos of Windows 8’s new touchscreen interface scare you — you’ll be able to revert back to a UI that looks and works much like Windows 7’s

Miramax, Hulu ink deal
Miramax has signed a multi-year deal to make its movies available on Hulu. The films will only be available to Hulu Plus subscribers. Miramax is responsible for such films as Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting. Miramax recently signed a similar deal with Netflix.

Microsoft ships free malware cleaner that boots from CD or USB
In a move aimed at cutting down on support call costs, Microsoft has released a malware recovery tool that boots from a CD or USB stick.

Apple gains control of iCloud domain
The company, which is rumored to have paid $4.5 million for the domain, is scheduled to unveil a cloud-based storage system of the same name next week.

Google’s +1 extends to Web pages for one-click recommendations
When Google launched the +1 button last month – its version of Facebook’s "Like" button, but in search results – I said it was incomplete without a web page version of the button.

It’s official: your cell phone may cause cancer
Cell phones are now up there with lead, engine exhaust, coffee, and chloroform.