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WTF Disney

kim-kardashian-snow-whiteI have been sitting around with my kids watching Disney movies for the last few days and I am really starting to wonder about these Disney “lessons”

Sleeping Beauty married a stranger who kissed her
Robin Hood is a thief
Pinocchio is a liar
Snow White lives alone with 7 strange men
Tarzan runs around with no clothes on all the time
Jasmine had a relationship with a dirty homeless dude named Aladdin
Cinderella is a real whore who sneaks out at night to go to parties.

These are horrible examples for our children, but for Disney this is just the beginning.

The basic lesson of the Lion King is that others will have to pay for you to advance.

I don’t know where to begin with Beauty and the Beast as basically the story is if you have an abusive lover who would kidnap and imprison you eventually you and he will fall in love and live happily ever after. Way to teach our daughters Disney!

The best of all has to be The Little Mermaid with it’s basic premise being that you should sell your soul to the devil to get whatever you want.

I think we are done with Disney tonight we are going  to watch Kill Bill volume one and two so my daughter can get some better life lessons.