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The New Wonder Woman in Action

The first photos are out of Anna Palicki as Wonder Woman and they are as disappointing as we had originally feared

Don’t get us wrong, we feel like Anna is just about as hot as they come and this has nothing to do with her, she just does not fit the part at all. Now granted we have not seen the show, and this is completely based on first impressions, but Wonder Woman is an Amazon Queen, not a hot young thing. Its as if you were to reimagine Spider Man using The Rock. Is he tough enough yes, but he just does not fit the mold.

Compare and contrast:

Anna Palicki as Wonder Woman

palicki as wonder woman

The Original – Lynda Carter


Two beautiful, but very different images. One a powerful Amazon Queen, the other, a sexy Halloween version.

Palicki in action

Snap_2011.03.30 13.10.12_003

Carter in action


Again two beautiful, but completely different characters.

We have been waiting for years for a reimagining of Wonder Woman. Sadly, it went to NBC. Where all television goes to die.

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