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This Weekend at the Movies

Our Pick: Rango

This weekend is led by the amazing Rango. Our pick is not just a great animated film, but a great western and great feature film in itself. Rango is an insane movie and we mean that in the best possible way. Do not miss this movie. Johnny Depp is his rockstar self as Rango.

The second best bet for this week at least if you are a masochist is The Adjustment Bureau.

This Philip K. Dick treatment is a little heavy handed.  The combination of romance, sci-fi, religion, and weirdness that gave me a headache overall. I like my sci-fi with a little less magic hats and a lot lighter in tone. Maybe we are just not smart enough for this movie. Then again, maybe we are too smart for this movie. Then again, maybe it was in the plan that we would have a headache while watching this movie, thus making us think we weren’t smart enough, or at least making us type this review that says we are not smart enough for this movie. Or, maybe it was the plan to have us do all that so that you being the smarty that you are will go see this movie just to show how much smarter than us you are. Or, maybe not at all.

That paragraph is this movie in a nutshell, so if that is your idea of good writing and coherence by all means see this movie. If like us, you hate that paragraph do yourself a favor and go see Rango.

If you are in the mood for some slapstick 80’s fare and not really interested in seeing anything good, you can opt for Take Me Home Tonight. It is what you think it is, a not great 80’s movie that is genre filler. The good is that Topher Grace carries the movie, but he can only do so much.
Rounding out the week is Beastly. CBS Films is getting a track record for these ham fisted dramas that are just not very good. They are ok made for TV fare, but they keep releasing them into theatres for some reason unbeknownst to us. With Beastly they update the Beauty and the Beast story as viewed through the eyes of a teenage goth Twilight fan. Ugh.