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Tech News Today: iPad2 launches

iPad 2 Launch: Fanboys are delighted, Jobs makes an appearance and the iPad gets a minor upgrade.

imageThe iPad2 launch took place this morning and after much ballyhoo, Apple managed to give us exactly what was expected with no big surprises, no 1 more thing to get us excited, and although it is not quite as great as we would have liked, it is a good upgrade with some great things to keep Android at bay.

The most amazing thing that Apple has done with the iPad2 is to keep the price exactly the same and the battery life the same while adding the camera and dual core processor. This has to spell doom for Android manufacturers who were able to talk their higher price point against the lack of a camera and dual core processor and who can now not compete on price at all.

The highlights of the iPad2

720p front facing camera with 5x zoom
rear facing camera for facetime (VGA)
thinner case
HDMI out at 1080p
1 Ghz Dual Core A5 processor
Still has 10 hour battery life
Thinner with just a 8.8mm thickness
Lighter at just over 600grams
iOS 4.3

What is missing to make this a revolutionary update:

There are a few things the iPad is still light on and rumors are swirling around a fall iPad3 which we find very hard to believe at this time. Here is what most people are missing still.

More Ram: 512 MB is just too puny

More Storage: maxing out at 64GB is crazy small. Revolutionary would be 256GB acceptable would be 128GB and why does storage at Apple cost $5.00 a GB on average anyway. Revolutionary pricing here would be a base of 64GB mid range of 128 GB and a true desktop replacement of 256GB at current pricing.

Resolution: This is the big one for a device that is at its heart a media consumption device. A revolutionary upgrade would be widescreen with a high resolution. (Retina display)

Just for clarification sake, a dongle is not HDMI out.

Overall this is a nice little refresh, reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS refresh more than the revolutionary differences from iPhone 3 to 4. Look for the next version to be the truly revolutionary device we are waiting for at a slightly higher price point if it includes more storage, a better screen, and more while this iPad may stick around as an entry level product much like Apple has done with its phone lineup.

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