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Who is more famous? Katy Perry, or Katy Perry’s Boobs

Everywhere we turn, there is another actual article, interview, or story featuring Katy Perry’s boobs. Now we are a site geared towards men, and we proudly feature Katy’s pals, but we are noticing a distinct trend here. This week it is Elle with a cover story and interview that prominently features Katy’s best feature. This isn’t Maxim, it is Elle magazine. A magazine for women. Katy’s twins have also prominently been featured in Cosmopolitan, Billboard, Bazaar, Glamour, Lucky, Seventeen (WTF) and more. Katy’s boobs are not just featured on Nutzworld and Maxim anymore, but in fashion magazines, what is next, Better Homes and Gardens?


Well, we do not want to go against the grain, so lets take this opportunity to feature Katy’s pals as well.