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Rant: Individualism and activism are dying in our schools

LKKBWA0000063I love boobies. A simple statement that is getting very popular with high school students these days as the non profit Keep A Breast Foundation has created rubber bracelets, lanyards, and other merchandise that is increasing awareness of breast cancer at an unbelievable pace amongst the youth of America.

Schools are banning them across the country as according to officials they are eliminating  them so as to eliminate the temptation to have inappropriate conversations.

As usual, we here in America think that boobies is a four letter word, while we have no problem with our children seeing graphic violence on television or in movies. Where are our priorities?

Still, for some teenagers, the items may be nothing more than a chance to show off a forbidden word in a school setting.

Does this mean we should ban them from schools? Not in our opinion. If they increase awareness among even 1 in 100 young adults, the repercussions are minimal in comparison. If anyone thinks a bracelet is what is making our young adults think of boobies in a different light, they are sadly mistaken.

It’s not as if this is not a campaign making a real difference, we are talking about an organization that does an actual high school education program where students have full access to all educational material like self-exam cards and healthy tips cards, students tapping into their imagination and gaining self-assurance, and students applying Keep A Breast’s mantra of art, education, awareness, and action in their every day actions.

Yes, it’s a program for high school kids to create breast casts, is it controversial, yes, can you think of a better way to educate teens and make them listen to you? I didn’t think so.

We don’t trust our kids anymore in any format. In our school district, they have school uniforms now and kids are not even allowed to wear coats to school. Yes, you read that right, it can be 28 degrees and the kids here must wear nothing more than the uniform windbreakers you can buy, otherwise, a kid may be seen as an individual, and we can’t have that in our community.

My kids have all graduated now, but if they were still in school and wanted to wear the bands or lanyards for the right reason, I would tell them to do so and call me if the school had a problem with it. That’s the same thing I did with the coat policy and lo and behold, an exception was made every time I had to fight them on it.

Hey America, fight for your kids right to activism, they just might surprise you. That is if you can get them to quit watching shit blow up on TV