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Viral: Why we quit watching wrestling in 1994

We grew up going to the Sportatorium in Dallas where we watched the Von Erichs grow up in the ring, we were huge wrestling fans in the day. We all knew it was fake, but it had enough realism and feuds and of course the ever present soap opera themes to keep us coming back for more. In those days (the mid to late 80’s) there were just enough real feuds to include sportatorium parking lot brawls to make it interesting.

The loss of basically the entire Von Erich family in the late 80’s and early 90’s are what to us started the downfall as it is almost like a steady decline since then when wrestling really lost its heart.

The video below is what professional wrestling is today. It is a parody of professional wrestling. If you are an old time fan like us, you may not want to watch this, its like a slap in the face to fans. How wrestling can ever come back from the abyss of today is anyones guess, but we cannot imagine ever going to a match again at this point.

Makes us kind of sad and melancholy.