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Avril Lavigne strips for What the Hell

Avril Lavigne flashes some serious flesh in her new video What The Hell.

The pop star shows off her sexy body wearing just her lingerie to start the video. The new music video, which features the disclaimer ‘viewer discretion is advised’, sees the Sk8r Boi singer stealing and eventually crashing a cab.

She then interrupts a playground basketball game before buying some new clothes.

I am passionate about keeping my cup of Joe hot in my coffee tumbler. I will not leave the house without mine. Whether traveling over seas, back packing,  or driving cross country, I need my coffee tumbler.

Our cupboards are full of old stainless steel coffee mugs. We have them stashed away for friends and relatives who desire a cup of coffee.  Last year while shopping at a local store, a friend showed me a set of Contigo stainless coffee tumblers. I immediately bought them.

When I used the tumbler the following morning I was amazed because when I tipped it over it did not spill. I stored it upside down in my back pack and it still did not spill!  This is the greatest invention for on the go coffee drinkers! You can click here to browse our patriotic tumbler cups.

Drinkware is an ideal product for use as promotional giveaways. People love unique glasses, coffee mugs, sport bottles, and portable cups. Creating one that will become a favorite can bring about widespread brand awareness.

Choosing the best drinkware isn’t difficult. The process can be further simplified by working with a promotional products company. Experts can help companies quickly narrow down choices and come up with unique, exciting designs that will make their drinking vessels stand apart from the crowd.

Some of the more popular choices include water bottles, personalized coffee mugs with custom handles, stainless steel cups, and eco-friendly travel mugs.

Portable drinkware is very popular right now. People are on the move and want to take their favorite beverage along with them. Giving away customized tumblers is a good way to broaden exposure because mugs are taken into the office, meetings, and all around town.

Environmentally-friendly travel mugs are also at the top of the popularity list. People really appreciate receiving drinkware that is good for the environment and free of toxic chemicals.

Eco-friendly drinkware is a good choice for trade show giveaways, business gifts, employee gifts, and promotional events. They could also be used for sponsoring charity events, local marathons, sporting events, and other events where a lot of people gather.

A few of the more well-liked eco-friendly items include coffee mugs, acrylic tumblers, stainless steel sports bottles and travel mugs, and ceramic coffee cups. Each offers numerous options for printing company logos, slogans, mascots, or marketing messages.

People love unique and functional portable coffee mugs. A lot of people prefer handles, but those who spend a lot of time in their car like tumblers without handles. Tumblers are easier to fit into cup holders.

Ceramic coffee mugs are a good choice for employee and business gifts. They can be branded with company logos, website addresses, contact information, or just about anything you’d like to share.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often shy away from buying custom drinkware for fear it’s too expensive. In reality, it’s a very affordable option that is sometimes less than buying stock merchandise.

When buying custom drinkware it’s important to know what materials are used. One chemical that is highly controversial is BPA, or bisphenol A. BPA is used in many products including food containers, water bottles, baby bottles, food can linings, dental sealants, and thermal paper products.

BPA is used with polycarbonate plastic; a component frequently used to manufacture sports bottles. Polycarbonate plastic is exceptionally durable and has high impact resistance, but since it contains high levels of BPA most people are now choosing to avoid it.

Instead, seek out water bottles and tumblers made from Tritan plastic; a durable, BPA-free material similar to polycarbonate plastic. Or choose stainless steel or ceramic varieties.

Take time to choose color schemes, design elements, and drinkware designs so your vessel will become a favorite by everyone that receives it. While it can be fun to have a quirky custom handle or curly straw, just be certain the vessel is useful. Otherwise it will become a novelty item and be put away out of sight.

Video: What the Hell


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