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Thought of the Day: WTF IKEA

WTF IKEA, why cant I just go buy one damn thing. I enter the doors and suddenly I am sent into some kind of a rat maze and instead of cheese you give me damn meatballs at the end of the maze.

ikeaDo you know how hard it is to find those damn meatballs? I end up with a bunch of crap I do not need and never ever will need as I feel like if I just buy enough crap you will let me leave the damn store.

I do not need any more candles, nor furniture to put together, or any of a myriad of furniture that my 6 year old can put together. I just want a set of tea glasses damn it. I never thought that I would spend 386.56 on iced tea glasses, but that is what this stupid set of ice tea glasses ended up costing me three and a half hours later.

I swear, one hour of real time is equal to three hours of IKEA time. It’s like a time warp in this place. 3 and a half hours and 386 dollars later I have my ice tea glasses, plus a whole bunch of crap that will never leave the kitchen drawers again after its first use, a new desk that is exactly 4” tall, some kind of pillowy thing that I actually have no idea what it is or why it is in my basket, and some bendable ice trays, because you know, square ice is just so passé. Oh yes, and meatballs.. in a bag.

You may have gotten me this time, but I swear to never return to an IKEA store again. That is the IKEA secret, every customer can only go one time so they must maximize the profits on each and every one of us for our one visit.

Update: My wife really likes the bendy ice cube trays and wants to go to IKEA Saturday. Someone kill me please.