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What to watch: Denis Leary and Friends Present Douchebags and Donuts

“Leary wears Carlin’s crown with pride.”

Comedy Central premieres tonight at 10:00 P.M.

Snap_2011.01.16 03.52.33_004It starts with having the Pope Heil Hitler and from there on it is pure degenerate Denis Leary fun as the show opens with a gospel style song skewering the Catholic Church in ways rarely seen on television, or anywhere for that matter.

He goes on to skewer conservative leaders, drug companies, my personal favorite idiot white douchebags in hip hop clothing, man purses, racism and more.

Be warned this is not for everyone though as there are no punches pulled chances are if you are a regular visitor to your local church no matter the denomination, Leary’s humor is not for you, but for the rest of us, it doesn’t get better than Leary at his best who is taking the no bullshit crown over from the recently passed king of biting observational humor, George Carlin. Leary wears Carlin’s crown with pride.

The DVD of this special will be released on January 18th which is extended and uncensored will have a ton of bonus material and music.

As with most of what Denis does, a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Leary Firefighters Foundation which in our mind is one of the best charities in the country.

Denis Leary, the notorious Emmy™-nominated star of “Rescue Me” and NY Times best-selling author, returns to his stand-up roots with this provocative one-hour special taped live at NYC’s Town Hall.  Not since “No Cure for Cancer” has Leary unleashed his trademark foul-mouthed rants quite like this.  Along with COMEDY CENTRAL rising star and roaster Whitney Cummings, and his “Rescue Me” costars Lenny Clarke and Adam Ferrara, Leary dispenses a blistering one-two punch to douchebags everywhere and delivers the comedy event of the new year.