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Playboy’s ‘Tron’ Shoot Shows The Beauty Of ‘Grid’-Created Babes


The new "Tron: Legacy," the sequel to the popular 1982 Disney flick, has inspired everything from a new line of toys to a working replica of the famed "lightcycle" to fat guys finally having an excuse to don painted spandex.

This, however, tops them all.

If you’ve ever wondered what perfect chicks looked like in a digitized universe (other than the Internet), the folks at Playboy have turned Russian model Irinia Voronina and Brazilian beauty Sasckya Porto into programs for their new tribute to "Tron."

And as if it couldn’t get any cooler, the shoot also features the working, custom chopper replica of the lightcycles designed and built by our good friends at Parker Brothers Choppers. Now we’ve got three good reasons to take a test ride on these babies. The bikes would be fun to drive, too!

Excerpted from Asylum