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Deal of the Day: 1TB Network Drive for $99.99

Get this Iomega Home Media 1 TB Network Attached Storage for just $99.99alt

image Easily share and access photos, videos and music between your home computers with the Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive. This device provides easy-to-use, yet powerful, network storage for the home user and the three step setup is a breeze, even if you’ve never used a network drive before. Save all your digital files to one central location and share them between computers on your network. Then play back your pictures, videos and music from digital media adapters such as game consoles, digital picture frames or networked TVs.

Get this Iomega Home Media 1 TB Network Attached Storage for just $99.99alt

Built-in iTunes support automatically feeds music into iTunes for easy playback. Easily share one printer over the network. Control which family members have access to certain folders. Plus, secure your memories and backup automatically with award winning EMC Retrospect software (PC/Mac) and for extra protection backup online with MozyHome Online Backup service with 2GB free.


Get this Iomega Home Media 1 TB Network Attached Storage for just $99.99alt


I’ve been using the 1TB media drive for about a month and a half now and have had a very positive experience. I set it up on an XP machine and had little problem connecting to it from my Vista laptop and XP netbook without installing any software. The only feature I haven’t used is the USB print server (my printer is located in my office and the hard drive is connected in the living room next to the router and haven’t wanted to move either one so they could be physically connected).

My PS3 automatically found the device on the network, and I use the PS3 to watch TV shows stored on the hard drive on my HDTV. This works great. I can’t edit files using the PS3, but I can play AVI and MP3 files (I sometimes play music through my stereo system this way as well as TV shows). Formats like .mkv files won’t play this way, but that’s a function of the PS3 rather than a limitation of the hard drive.

I’m not using the backup software that comes with it; I manually load files to the device from any of my computers. I store my business files, writing, music, etc. on the drive and thus can, for instance, sit outside with my netbook while still accessing all my files (which is handy since the netbook has very little local storage). All my files are in one place and it doesn’t matter which computer I’m using.

Uploading files is not much, if any, faster than a USB 2.0 drive in my experience, but download speeds seem very snappy and even very high resolution video files play back over the network with no delay.

For me, this HD solved a lot of problems. I highly recommend it if you have multiple PCs in your house and a collection of media or data files that you want to share, especially if you have a supported device like a PS3 connected to your TV. If you only have one PC and don’t want to play media on your TV, you’re better off with a 1 TB USB drive since that will be cheaper.

Get this Iomega Home Media 1 TB Network Attached Storage for just $99.99alt