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NFL Computerized Predictor: Week 6

NFL Computerized Predictor: Week 6

We’re back for another week of picks and predictions. Another week beating the odds, and making Vegas look stupid… That’s the idea, anyway. But in this year of upsets and completely screwed spreads, it doesn’t always work out that way, but we keep plugging away anyway.

So far this year the underdogs have been kicking ass, that cannot hold up over a whole season though, so take it for what its worth. When we look at the league, dominant teams are not as dominant as they were and bad teams are not as bad as they were.  If you are betting the Lions are 1-4 and the Cowboys are 1-4 but the Lions are 4-1 ATS they are a lot better than they have been getting credit for, meanwhile the Cowboys just suck as they cant win at all.

That is a hint for this weeks games as Detroit is +10 against the Giants and in case you haven’t noticed, the Giants are not ten points better than anyone.

Then how does one bad team get to be 7 points better than another bad team, the battle of the Bay is Sunday and the 49ers are 7 point favorites. How is that even possible?

Just some food for thought as we get into this weeks predictor…

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