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Our Shameful McRib Obsession

image There are two parts of the pig that the internet loves.  Bacon and the somewhat pork related and somehow rib-like McRib. Why do we love the McRib? The McRib is not made from ribs; heck, some would argue it’s not even food, yet the McDonald’s sandwich has inspired intense loyalty and a bizarre mystique.

Our strange passion is stoked by the fact that the boneless pork rib-shaped patty is only available for brief periods, and then only at certain locations. Fans will drive hundreds of miles and buy them by the sackfulls, yet McDonalds continues to make it a non menu item only available at special times.

There is even a site devoted to finding the rare sightings at the McRib Locater, as well as a Twitter McRib  watch account and numerous Facebook fan groups.

Capitalizing on the underground McRib movement, McDonald’s is announcing a full-scale return of the McRib November 2nd for the first time in 16 years…but be sure to hurry and get all the McRibs you can, the campaign is only six weeks long.

I wonder how well they freeze?

McRib commercial from the year 1989.


"It’s McRib time"
"Real pork in a sassy sauce"
"Add fries and a coke and you’re talking chomp!"
"Good times, great tastes at McDonalds"