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NFL Computerized Predictor: Week 5

Well, last week certainly showed that parity is back in the NFL. With a slew of upsets and new teams leading all over the league like Kansas City and St. Louis the NFL is as unpredictable as ever. We warned you about the two trap games last week and if you listened to us you would have been ok at 9-5 ATS as we were right about both of them. We will give it our best shot as always though. This week undefeated KC goes to Indy and although the predictor says they will cover, remember that is another trap situation as they are undefeated and the predictor has no brains, its just a numbers cruncher so that game is one to be wary of. Indy is mad, and KC may not be as good as their record as the schedule gods have been very favorable to them.

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The NFL Game Predictor is our proprietary computer program that predicts game scores. Remember this site is for entertainment purposes only. So have some fun and compare your results with your friends