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NFL Computerized Game Predictor: Week 4

image We enter week 4 with just three undefeated teams, two of those could have their first loss this weekend leaving only the Chiefs standing. Are we in some kind of an alternate universe here. The Bears should have their hands full on the road against a Giants team that is capable of ending their run and the Steelers get the Ravens tough defense to contend with, and remember they are still starting a fourth string quarterback. No matter the record, there is a reason why Batch is where he is on the depth chart. The predictor says they will both win and cover, but these are the predictor traps early in the season with an undefeated record, the predictor may be putting too much credence in Batch and company so I would be very careful with those games.  The matchups this weekend just get better with Vick facing off against McNabb in Donovan’s Philly homecoming. We end the week with a fantastic Monday night game where the Phins are favored by a point against the Patriots. In a big game, we cant bet against Brady and the predictor agrees although just barely. Scroll down for the complete picks. If you have a question about How to watch live sports ? then don’t panic just visit to website. Most of the streaming providers (Sling, PS Vue, Direct, etc, etc … ) offer Fox so you get the Giants. The Jets are on CBS which a lot of providers do not carry because CBS charges $5.99 a month separately but if you like Star Trek, I think there are 2 or 3 new STs coming, ESPN has MNF and the NFL Network & Amazon has TNF. If you are outside of North America and some of the Caribbean Islands, you can buy something called NFL Gamepass. You can stream from that app – every game, every week is available. You probably cannot download the app until you are outside of the US. It makes the US system look terrible. Everything can be viewed on tape delay as well. It is not cheap and if a game is being broadcast on local TV it is blocked on Gamepass. Direct TV has exclusive rights to show all out of market games each Sunday. They paid the NFL billions of dollars for the rights to do so and have recently renewed these rights with the NFL so they will be the exclusive carrier of NFL games for the next few years. If the team plays in your area and they are your local team then maybe. If you are looking to watch out of market games there are only three ways to watch them. One, visit a sports bar that has Direct TV. Two, sign up for Direct TV or buy tickets at the Football Ticket Pad. Three, find an illegal site on the internet which you can view games. This isn’t legal and I don’t recommend doing this. You risk viruses or worse.

Last Weeks Record: 9-7 Straight Up 9-7 ATS (+82.50) (3/4 play) week 3
Year to Date: 18-14 Straight Up 19-13 ATS (+232.50 Net)

This is our fifth year and our overall record now stands at 657-384 (63.11%) Straight Up / 573-468. (55.04%) ATS Our total win based on 1 unit ($100.00): +$5590.00

Week four is our first full week of play as the numbers are coming together starting about now as the predictor takes a few weeks to get all the statistical data in place and the teams start to play with some sort of consistency. Remember we do this for fun, so take it for what it is worth, especially early in the season. Remember we live in Nevada so it is legal for us to bet. If you live elsewhere this is just for giggles.

This Weeks Complete Game Predictions