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Tech News Today

Google plans social network …. sort of
Google says that it will gradually roll out social-networking features to its sites. The roll-out will begin this fall and will integrate with existing services.

Samsung takes on Apple iPad with Galaxy Tab
Samsung’s new tablet PC and video service are the latest products the company has announced that pit it against Apple

Samsung Galaxy Tab: Specs and thoughts on an iPad competitor
Samsung has officially announced its Galaxy Tab tablet computer. I detail its specifications, features and how it fits in the marketplace alongside Apple’s iPad

What Android Tablets Need to Beat iPad
Apple’s iPad may be the tablet market’s key driver at the moment, but it’s possible that, with the right plan, any company with a solid vision could catch up. Here’s a look at 10 features that companies such as Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems and Dell will need to give their tablets in order to successfully take on the iPad

Intel launches new Atom processors
Intel has launched two new versions of its Atom mobile processor. The new models are designed for embedded applications. One is geared toward car computers. The other is aimed at Internet-connect home entertainment equipment.

Halo: Reach tallies $200 million on launch day
One of the most anticipated releases of 2010, the game sees sales in a single day top those of any other release so far this year.

Halo: Reach is Some Kind of Wonderful
This really does sound like the ultimate Halo console game-even though it’s a prequel. I have to control myself and not run out and buy it now. If you’re considering it, you may want to read this very positive review. Oh, but do decide soon: the game is selling like hotcakes

Twitter unveils redesigned Web site
Twitter has updated the design of its Web site. The new design gives users more information in one place. It also allows media to be embedded in tweets. The new design is aimed at both users and casual spectators.

Yahoo demos new look, faster Mail service
One of Yahoo’s most prominent and important products is getting a makeover, the company announced at an event at its headquarters

AOL plans to redesign Internet
AOL says it will redesign the Internet. It is employing the help of celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers. AOL’s CEO claims that Web design hasn’t changed in 15 years. And he believes AOL can do it better.